Control A

Control A (the Inner Sanctum) is the Bridge of this Flying Saucer. Equipped with a 48 Channel (96 input) API Vision analog console, a Meyer 5.1 monitoring environment, a pair of Studer A820 2" tape machines, and a host of outboard gear (including some with Grateful Dead pedigree), this room is ready for everything from a small tracking  session to simultaneously mixing in stereo and surround. It also features tie-lines from every room in the building, including patch points directly to Leslie speaker cabinets in separate iso rooms. 

Beyond its technical capabilities, the API in Control A truly has a sound of its own, unparalleled in its abilities to wrap whatever passes through it in a warm blanket of analog vibe, massive headroom and that "finished record" sound right from the get-go. This is our secret sauce.

Equipment list


API Vision 96 input, 7.1 surround analog desk


Avid ProTools HD|3 w/ 16x16 HD I/Os [48 In/Out]

Studer A820 2”  24 Track w/ Dolby SR

Studer A820 2”  16 Track

Endless Analog CLASP [DAW-Tape Interface]


Antelope Trinity


Meyer Acherons [L-C-R]

Meyer HD-1 [Nearfields]

Meyer HM-1 [Nearfields]

Yamaha NS-10 [Nearfields]

-powered by McIntosh 275-

Meyer UPJ [Surrounds]

Meyer X-800 [Subs]

Meyer Galileo [Speaker Management]

Hear Technologies Headphone System

Shure SRH440 Headphones


API 212L [x32]

API 512C  [x2]

Neve Melbourne [x12]

Neve 1073 [x2]

BAE 312 [x2]


API 550L [x44]

API 560L [x4]

API 215L [x2]

Neve Melborune 33114 [x10] /33115 [x2]

GML 8200

Meyer CP10


Teletronix LA-2A [x3]

Urei 1176 LN

Summit DCL-200

Summit TLA-100

Empirical Labs Distressor [x4]

Empirical Labs FATSO

DBX 903 [x2]

DBX 160a

Aphex Xpressor [x10]

Aphex Aural Exciter

API 2500 [x2]

API 225L Compressor/Limiter [x6]

API 235L Expander/Gate [x6]

Drawmer DS404 Gate

Reverbs & Delays

Lexicon 480L

Lexicon PCM-70 [x2]

Line 6 Echo Pro

Cutler Panner [x2]

Little Labs VOG [x2]

Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer

Roland SDE-3000 [x2]

Quantec QRS

T.C. Electronic M5000

T.C. Electronic 2290

Broadcast Converters:

Lynx Aurora [8 channels]

UA 2192 [Stereo]

Broadcast Converters

Lynx Aurora [8 channels]

UA 2192 [Stereo]